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1978 commercial from Wiklinson Sword promoting their Profile razor.

Wilkinson Sword is a brand name for two companies that make gardening tools and razors. Wilkinson Sword’s origins are in the manufacture of swords.

The company was founded in London in 1772. The brand is currently owned by Energizer Holdings (for razors) and by Fiskars (for gardening tools).


The company’s past product lines have included guns, bayonets, and other objects such as typewriters, garden shears, scissors, and motorcycles.

Wilkinson Sword has manufactured its products in three UK locations over the years: in London, Chelsea, Acton, Northumberland [Cramlington] and Wales [Bridgend – Gardening tools] In 2000 it closed its razor plant in the UK and consolidated production in Germany.

For over 100 years, it manufactured ceremonial war swords for various militaries around the world, such as those of the United Kingdom, members of the commonwealth and the United States.

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