1985 SodaStream

sodastreamSodaStream (NASDAQ: SODA) is the maker of a consumer home carbonation product based on the principles of making a carbonated drink as originally invented by Guy Gilbey in 1903.  The device allows users to take ordinary tap water and carbonate it to create soda water (or carbonated water) to drink. Along with the addition of concentrated syrups and flavorings, owners can create carbonated beverages that are similar to the most popular brands of soda and energy drinks available to the general US and international marketplace. It was popular in the 1970s and 1980s when there were a number of brand name syrups available, and, after the company merged with Soda-Club in 1998, it was relaunched with an emphasis on healthier drinks. Soda-Club is currently headquartered in Israel, and has 13 production plants.

Sodastream has been involved in numerous environmental projects, including waste reduction, beach cleanup and reforestation. In the UK (where it was first sold) the SodaStream machine is strongly associated with 1970s/1980s childhood nostalgia.

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1984 Schweppes Schhh… You Know Who

Christmas advert from Schweppes ‘ Schhh… You Know Who’

Schweppes is a beverage brand that is sold around the world. It includes a variety of carbonated water and ginger ales. Its marketing campaign made heavy use of an onomatopoeia in their commercials: “Schhhhh…. Schweppes,” after the sound of the gas escaping as one opens the bottle.



In the late eighteenth century, Johann Jacob Schweppe (1740–1821), a German-born naturalised Swiss watchmaker and amateur scientist developed a process to manufacture carbonated mineral water, based on a process discovered by Joseph Priestley in 1770, founding the Schweppes Company in Geneva in 1783.  In 1792 he moved to London to develop the business there. Mainstay products include ginger ale (1870), bitter lemon (1857), and tonic water (The oldest soft drink in the world – 1771).

An ad campaign in the 1950s and 1960s featured a real-life veteran British naval officer named Commander Whitehead, who described the product’s bubbly flavor (effervescence) as “Schweppervescence”.

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1986 advert for Perrier water.

Perrier is a brand of bottled mineral water made from a spring in Vergèze in the Gard département of France. Perrier is naturally carbonated. Both the water and natural carbonic gas are captured independently and the carbonic gas is added in the bottling phase.[citation needed] Perrier claims that the level of carbonation in every bottle of Perrier is the same as the water of the Vergèze spring.

Perrier is available in Europe in one litre, 750 ml, and 500 ml bottles, and in 330 ml cans. All Perrier bottles are green and have a distinctive shape.



Malvern (Pure English Spring Water)

 A commercial for Malvern (Pure English Spring Water) dated from 1981

Malvern is a famous spa, known for its bottled water since 1622. Dr. James Manby Gully made the “water cure” popular in the early 19th century. Several hotels in Great Malvern date from the hey-day of Malvern as a residential spa. (more…)