1980s Scotch VHS Head Cleaner

mqdefaultvideotape is a recording of images and sounds on to magnetic tape as opposed to film stock used in filmmaking or random access digital media. Videotapes are also used for storing scientific or medical data, such as the data produced by an electrocardiogram. In most cases, ahelical scan video head rotates against the moving tape to record the data in two dimensions, because video signals have a very high bandwidth, and static heads would require extremely high tape speeds. Videotape is used in both video tape recorders (VTRs) or, more commonly and more recently, videocassette recorder (VCR) and camcorders. Tape is a linear method of storing information and since nearly all video recordings made nowadays are digital direct to disk recording (DDR), videotape is expected to gradually lose importance as non-linear/random-access methods of storing digital video data become more common.

Information stored can be in the form of either an analog signal or digital signal.

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Maxell Audio Cassettes

Classic 80’s advert for Maxell Audio Cassette Tapes.

Maxell, is a Japanese company which manufactures consumer electronics.  The company’s notable products are batteries and electronics — the company’s name is a contraction of  “maximum capacity dry cell” — and recording media, including audio cassettes and blank VHS tapes, and recordable optical discs like CD-R/RW and DVD±RW. Additionally, the company sells electronics accessories, like CD and DVD laser cleaners. On March 4, 2008 Maxell announced that they would no longer manufacture their optical media, but would start contracting other companies to manufacture


Now That’s What I Call Music! 1

If you remember this then you are in serious trouble! 🙂

Now That’s What I Call Music or Now 1 is the first album from the popular Now! series that was released in the United Kingdom in 1983. Initial pressings were released on vinyl and audio cassette, with a re-release on CD in 2008, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the album and series. It reached number one on the UK Albums Chart.

Becoming one of the biggest albums of the year, it became one of only a few compilation albums to reach #1 on the UK & Ireland album chart, staying there for four consecutive weeks and five in all. It also went 3x platinum, selling over 900,000 copies. (more…)