1960 Pascalls White Heather Chocolates

Pascall products were first produced as a joint venture between the Cadbury Brothers and James Pascall at the Cadbury factory in Tasmania, Australia. In 1938, Pascall products commenced production in New Zealand. In 1981, Australian Pascall production moved from Tasmania to Melbourne.   In New Zealand, most of the products produced by Pascall were made at their own factory in Avondale, Auckland until December 2009, when the factory was closed down and production moved to the Cadbury factory in Dunedin and to factories in Australia and Thailand. The response to the changes has not been popular with New Zealanders, claiming that the Thai made Minties are much softer and do not taste the same.

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1978 Rowntrees Fruit Gums

1978 Rowntrees Fruit Gums commercial

Rowntree’s Fruit Gums are circular sweets formerly made by Rowntree’s, who were later acquired by Nestlé. They appear in different colours, each with a different flavour: strawberry, orange, lemon, blackcurrant and lime. They are primarily composed of glucose syrup and fruit juices and are as a result similar to wine gums. In addition to the traditional roll packaging, they come in a larger volume box, that contains the sweets in the shape of the fruit or part of the fruit that the flavour represents.

An advertising campaign for the gums that ran for three years from 1958 included the slogan “Don’t Forget The Fruit Gums, Mum” invented by the copywriter Roger Musgrave [1929-2007].

Relative to other sweets and confectionary made by Nestlé the sweets are quite healthy in comparison as they have no artificial colours or flavours and are 25% real fruit juice.

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80’s advert for Chewits sweets.

Chewits are a British confectionery manufactured by the Leaf Corporation, and were originally launched in the UK in 1965. Chewits are a type of confectionery known as Taffy and come in a variety of flavours including Strawberry, Fruit Salad, Blackcurrant, rarer Orange, Lime and Lemon flavours and also come in an Xtremely Sour range. The limited edition of Ice Cream Chewits, that were released back in 1999, will also become part of the permanent range of flavours in the spring of 2009. Many people are happy about this.



80’s advert for Tunes menthol sweets.

Tunes is a brand of lozenge manufactured by The Wrigley Company in the UK. It is marketed as a cough sweet or anti-congestant lozenge, containing eucalyptus oil and menthol. It is a relative of the now discontinued Spangles brand, and shares the same packaging and dimensions of that brand. In the UK, Tunes no longer have the Spangles style packaging.


Pacers Mints

80’s advert for Pacers mints.

Pacers is a discontinued brand of popular mint flavoured confection.

Opal Mints were plain white coloured chewy spearmint flavoured sweets, launched as a sister product to Opal Fruits (now known as Starburst).  The product was then relaunched as Pacers.  Later, three diagonal green stripes were added to the sweet.  The brand was discontinued in the 1980s.