Now That’s What I Call Music! 4

Now That’s What I Call Music! 4 (1984) UK TV Advert. Voiceover by Brian Glover.


Now That’s What I Call Music 4 or Now 4 was released in 1984. The album is the 4th edition of the (UK) Now! series. This album reached #2 on the UK Albums Chart, kept off the top by the newly premiering Hits album series.
Also notable is that this volume marked the first Now album to be released on Compact Disc. It was seemingly a test run as the single-CD contained a selection of tracks from Now 2, Now 3 and Now 4, collecting 15 tracks altogether. It wasn’t until two years later in 1986 that a Now compilation was next released on CD, with a single-CD issue of Now 8. (more…)