1980s Rolo – Do you love anyone enough

RolosThe creator of this confectionary bar (Jasper T. Rolo) developed Rolo’s in the UK by Mackintosh’s, (later Rowntree-Mackintosh), simply Mackintosh’s Toffee coated with chocolate, they were first sold in 1937.

They were also produced in Norwich until 1994, when all UK production moved to Fawdon in Tyneside, by Nestlé Rowntree. There have now been Rolo biscuits, ice-cream, muffins, birthday cake, desserts, cake bars, doughnuts, mini Rolos, big Rolos, (all of which use the same type of caramel) yogurts and Easter eggs made. In May 2011, McDonald’s combined chocolate pieces and caramel sauce with their soft-serveMcFlurry product to simulate the Rolo flavour profile in a cross-branded product.

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1986 Nescafe Advert (Sarah Green)

Nescafé is a brand introduced by the Nestlé company. Nescafé can be traced back to the 1930s.  In the United States, the Nescafé name was used on its products up until the 1960s. Later, Nestlé introduced a new brand in the US called Taster’s Choice, which supplanted Nescafé for many years. Taster’s Choice was also introduced into Canada at the same time, and continues to be sold as a separate product, that is branded as superior to Nescafe, and is higher priced.

In the United Kingdom, a television advertisement campaign starring Anthony Head and Sharon Maughan ran in 12 instalments between 1987 and 1993.  The first 11 episodes were released as a promotional compilation video called Love Over Gold in 1993. A novelisation of the same name written by Susan Moody (under the pseudonym Susannah James) was released in the same year.

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Absolutely ABC Album

Absolutely is a comprehensive greatest hits package released in 1990 by the band ABC. This covered all the eras up until 1990, and had all their singles together. A video package featuring their promos was also released. One new song called “The Look of Love (1990 Remix)”, was also released to promote it, but not with approval of the band. Other remixes were included on this compilation, including “When Smokey Sings (The Miami Mix)”, “Be Near Me (Munich Disco Mix)” and “One Better World” (Pickering-Park Mix).


Now That’s What I Call Music! 24

Now That’s What I Call Music! 24 (1993) UK TV Advert. Voiceover by Mark Goodier.

Now That’s What I Call Music! 24 or Now 24 was released in 1993. The album is the 24th edition of the (UK) Now! series.