1976 Lucozade

Lucozade is an umbrella name for a series of energy and sports drinks that are produced by GlaxoSmithKline. Lucozade (alongside Ribena) is currently being produced at the Royal Forest Factory in Coleford, Gloucestershire, in the Forest of Dean.


In 1953, a factory for the production of Lucozade products was opened in Brentford, England, which, until 2004, had an iconic sign seen on the side of the M4 motorway (now in Gunnersbury ParkMuseum).  Local people were reportedly upset when the sign was removed. A new and identical sign replaced the old sign in 2010.  Lucozade has a research arm known as The Lucozade Sports Science Academy, which has been carrying out nutritional research for over 30 years. It works in partnership with leading universities, coaches, nutritionists and sports professionals.

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British Gas with Burt Renolds

1991 commercial for British Gas featuring Burt Renolds.


In the early 1900s the gas market in the United Kingdom was mainly run by county councils and small private firms.

In 1948 that all changed with The Gas Act 1948 brought in by Clement Attlee’s Labour government. The act nationalised the UK gas industry and 1062 privately owned and municipal gas companies were merged into twelve Area Gas Boards each a separate body with its own management structure. Each Area Board was divided into geographical groups or divisions which were often further divided into smaller districts. These boards simply became known as the “Gas Board”, a term people still use when referring to British Gas.