Simths Chipsticks

80’s advert for Smiths Chipsticks.

Chipsticks are a crunchy maize and potato snack made by Smiths. They are available in Salt and Vinegar and Ready Salted flavour all around the United Kingdom. They give 448kJ of energy per bag and usually contain 30-40 ‘chipsticks’ per single pack. They can be bought in multipack bags of 8.


Walkers Crisps

Walkers crisps advert from 1996

In the 1880s Henry Walker moved from Mansfield to Leicester to take over an established butcher’s shop in the high street. Meat rationing after World War II saw the factory output drop dramatically and the company looked at alternatives to make use of the wasted capacity. With potato crisps being increasingly popular with the public, managing director R.E. Gerrard helped the company shift focus and began hand-slicing and frying potatoes.