1979 Frys Chocolate Cream

Fry’s Cream is a chocolate bar made by Cadbury’s, and formerly by J. S. Fry & Sons. It consists of a fondant centre enrobed in dark chocolate and is available in a plain version, and also peppermint or orange fondant. Fry’s Chocolate Cream was one of the first chocolate bars ever produced, launched in 1866.

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1981 Bounty

Bounty is a chocolate bar manufactured by Mars Incorporated and sold internationally. It is not marketed in the United States (with the exception ofWorld Market and international sections of many supermarkets), where a similar product, Mounds, is marketed by Hershey’s. Bounty was introduced in 1951 (UK/Canada).

It has a coconut filling enrobed with milk chocolate (sold in a blue wrapper) or dark chocolate (sold in a red wrapper) and is one of the few chocolates to come wrapped in two individual halves. Since 2006, a cherry flavoured version has also been available in Australia. This was originally a limited editionflavor, but then became officially available (Now discontinued). In Europe, a limited edition mango flavour was available in 2004-05 and now (2010) is in Russia and Ukraine.

Its television advertising has tended to feature tropical beaches with coconut palms.

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1980s Cadburys Flake (women in boat)

Flake is a brand of chocolate bar currently manufactured by Cadbury and consists of thinly folded Dairy Milk, milk chocolate.

The product was first developed in 1920 and was founded by an employee of Cadburys. When the excess from the moulds was drained off, it fell off in a stream and created folded chocolate with flaking properties.

Since 1922 in Britain, Australia and Ireland ice cream vendors serve “99 Flakes” which are vanilla soft serve ice cream in a wafer cone in which a half size Flake bar is inserted in the top. Screwballs are similar but have a plastic cone rather than a wafer.

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1981 Rowntrees Lion Bar

Lion Bar is a chocolate bar made by Nestlé, previously a Rowntree’s product. The Lion Bar was originally designed by chocolatier Alan Norman.

It consists of a filled wafer, caramel (30%) and crisp cereal (4%) covered in milk chocolate (41%). It was introduced by Eric Nicoli of Rowntree’s in the 1970s, after a trial in the Dorset area in 1977. It was in some areas known as Big Cat until the late 1990s. When Nestlé acquired the brand in 1988, the recipe was changed, as was the packaging.

In Europe, both White Lion and Peanut Butter Lion limited edition bars have also been available, as well as a “king size” variety. The bar is occasionally found in the U.S. and Canada in European import shops.

A Lion Bar Cereal was made and was sold in Europe, later the UK and Ireland.

In recent years the Lion bar has been dramatically reduced in size, which has caused controversy among fans.

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1976 Twix

Twix is a chocolate bar made by Mars, Inc., consisting of a biscuit finger, topped with caramel and coated in milk chocolate. Being somewhat smaller in width than other confectionery bars, Twix bars are typically packaged in pairs. Twix, which stands for “twin sticks,” was first produced in the UK in 1967, and introduced in the United States in 1979.

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