1975 Birds Eye Beef Burgers

Birds Eye is an international brand of frozen foods owned by Pinnacle Foods in North America and by private equity group Permira in Europe.

Birds Eye is considered to be one of the founders of the modern frozen food industry and is credited with inventing a fast freezing process that preserves the quality of food.  Founded by General Foods, which in 1929 bought the rights to use a fast-freezing process patented by Clarence Birdseye.

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1989 Wimpy Ghostbusters Promo

1989 Wimpy Ghostbusters Promo.

Wimpy is the brand name of a chain of fast-food hamburger restaurants based in the UK. It is well known for its burger known as the Bender, which is actually a frankfurter sausage and not a hamburger patty. The restaurants were originally called Wimpy Bars, but the name was shortened to “Wimpy” many years ago. The current owners of the Wimpy brand operate in several countries under the name of Wimpy International.