1978 Rowntrees Fruit Gums

1978 Rowntrees Fruit Gums commercial

Rowntree’s Fruit Gums are circular sweets formerly made by Rowntree’s, who were later acquired by Nestlé. They appear in different colours, each with a different flavour: strawberry, orange, lemon, blackcurrant and lime. They are primarily composed of glucose syrup and fruit juices and are as a result similar to wine gums. In addition to the traditional roll packaging, they come in a larger volume box, that contains the sweets in the shape of the fruit or part of the fruit that the flavour represents.

An advertising campaign for the gums that ran for three years from 1958 included the slogan “Don’t Forget The Fruit Gums, Mum” invented by the copywriter Roger Musgrave [1929-2007].

Relative to other sweets and confectionary made by Nestlé the sweets are quite healthy in comparison as they have no artificial colours or flavours and are 25% real fruit juice.

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1978 Milky Way Chocolate Bar

1978 UK and Ireland commercial for Milky Way Chocolate Bars

The Milky Way bar is a chocolate bar distributed by the Mars confectionery company. The American version of the Milky Way bar is made of chocolate-malt nougat topped with caramel and covered with milk chocolate and is very similar to the Mars bar sold in other countries. The non-US Milky Way bar, on the other hand, is not topped with caramel and is therefore similar to the American 3 Musketeers bar.

The European version of the bar has no caramel topping, and consists of a nougat centre that is considerably lighter than that of the Mars bar. Because of this low density (0,88 g/cm³), it will float in water (and/or in milk) without sinking. This rare attribute was used for an advertising campaign in Germany, France, Russia, Republic of Ireland, Poland, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.


1978 Green Giant Corn

1978 advert for Green Giant Corn

Green Giant is a vegetable company owned by General Mills. It is symbolized by two mascots, frozen vegetables, and also sells canned vegetables both under the Green Giant and Le Sueur brands.

In Canada, where an important part of the population speaks French, the company sells canned vegetables under the Le Sieur brand instead of Le Sueur because “sueur” means sweat in French and it was not good marketing introducing sweat in food advertising. Le Sieur means “the Sir” in French and thus was a more appropriate name.

The Green Giant brand is also licensed out by General Mills for fresh produce, which is managed by Potandon Produce (potatoes and onions specifically) and The Sholl Group II (all other fresh produce).

een Giant Corn

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