Walkers French Fries 1986

Walkers is a British snack food manufacturer mainly operating in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Walkers was founded in 1948 in Leicester, England by Henry Walker, and acquired by Lay’s owner, Frito-Lay, a division of PepsiCo, in 1989.  It is best known for manufacturing potato crisps, and other, non-potato-based snack foods. They hold 56 percent of the British crisps market.  The Walkers site in Leicester is the largest crisp production plant in the world, producing over 11 million bags of crisps per day and using about 800 tons of potatoes.

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Chewits advert from 1986

The sweets were originally manufactured in Southport during the early 1960s. They began to sell throughout the rest of the UK during the year 1965, before gaining international popularity. After the closing of the factory in 2006 manufacture was moved to Slovakia. Chewits has greatly expanded its line of flavors, however the original flavours consisted of Strawberry, Blackcurrant, Orange and Banana. Over the years more exotic flavours such as Ice Cream, Cola, Rhubarb & Custard, and Blue Mint were introduced as limited edition flavours. In 2000 sour flavours, Apple and Tutti Frutti were launched, other fizzy and hot flavours were available for a limited time. New Chewits pack designs, formats and flavours were launched in 2009. Currently Chewits core flavour range includes Strawberry, Blackcurrant, Fruit Salad, Ice Cream, Cola and Orange.

Ice Cream Chewits, originally released in 1989, were re-introduced in 2009 following an online petition and demand expressed on Facebook and Bebo.

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1986 Currys Christmas Advert

Currys is an electrical retailer in the United Kingdom and Ireland and is owned by Dixons Retail plc. It specialises in selling home electronics and household appliances, with 295 superstores and 73 high street stores.

Currently the store which has the highest turnover is in Cribbs Causeway, Bristol. Other major stores are located in Wednesbury (north of Birmingham, just off Junction 9 of the M6), Fosse Park, Leicester, Teesside Park (Stockton-on-Tees), Gateshead, New Malden and Croydon.

In April 2006, it was announced that Dixons stores (except in Ireland) would be rebranded as “Currys.digital”, taking the total to 550 stores. In Ireland, the Currys brand continued to be only used for large-format stores, with Dixons retained on the main streets. However, in August 2008, the Dixons stores inIreland were rebranded as Currys,  similar to the UK move, but without the “.digital” suffix and with a new Currys logo.

Some stores in the UK are dual branded with the PC World name.

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1986 Aled Jones An Album of Hymns

Aled Jones (born 29 December 1970) is a Welsh singer and television/radio personality, broadcaster and television presenter (Escape to the Country and Cash in the Attic) who first came to fame as a treble (the highest vocal range). He is notable for presenting Songs of Praise on BBC 1, BBC Radio 2’s The Early Breakfast ShowGood Morning Sunday and The Choir on BBC Radio 3.

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1986 Ovaltine Instant

Ovaltine is a brand of milk flavoring product made with malt extract (except the blue packaging in the US), sugar (except in Switzerland), and whey. Some flavors also have cocoa. Ovaltine, a registered trademark of Associated British Foods, is made by Wander AG, a subsidiary of Twinings which acquired the brand fromNovartis in 2003, except in the United States, where Nestlé acquired the rights separately from Novartis later on.

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