Scottish Widows

90s advert fot the Scottish Widows financial institution.

Scottish Widows is an investment company located in Edinburgh, Scotland, now a subsidiary of the Lloyds TSB Group.

Scottish Widows Fund and Life Assurance Society opened in 1815 in what is now Chambers Street, as Scotland’s first mutual life office. The formation of the society had been discussed from March 1812 with the purpose of providing for widows, sisters and other female relatives of fund holders so that they would not be plunged into poverty on the death of the fund holder during and after Napoleonic wars.

Founded in 1815 in Edinburgh, its most famous early customer was Sir Walter Scott who took out a policy in 1824. Scottish Widows used this fact in advertising to promote their products during the 1990s. However, they did not mention that the following year, Sir Walter Scott narrowly averted being declared bankrupt and died heavily in debt.

Scottish Widows demutualised and became part of the Lloyds TSB group on 3 March 2000.

The Scottish Widow first appeared in a television advert directed by David Bailey in 1986. There have been four ‘Widows’ to date: Deborah Moore 1986–1994, Amanda Armstong 1994-1999, Amanda Lamb 1999–2005 and Hayley Hunt 2005-present.

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