Playmobil Garage

1986 advert for the Playmobil ESSO Garage.

(pronounced “play-mo-beel”, and occasionally referred to as just Playmo) is a line of toys produced by the Brandstätter Group (geobra Brandstätter GmbH & Co KG), headquartered in Zirndorf, Germany.

New products and product lines developed by a 50-strong development team are frequently introduced by Brandstätter. Some of these, such as promotional products, are only produced in limited quantities. For example,

Playmobil introduced limited edition sets with the logos of seven different airlines, sold only aboard flights and in duty-free shops. These practices have given rise to a sizable community of collectors. Collector activities extend beyond collecting and free-form play with Playmobil and include customization, miniature wargaming, and creation of photo stories and stop motion films. Playmobil people are approximately 3 inches tall and are a 1:24 scale, or G scale.

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