Planes, Trains & Automobiles – Trailer

This is the official trailer to John Hughes’ 1987 comedy classic “Planes, Trains & Automobiles” starring Steve Martin and John Candy. This trailer does not appear on the DVD of the film

Planes, Trains & Automobiles is an American comedy movie produced by Paramount Pictures in 1987. It was written and directed by John Hughes and stars Steve Martin and John Candy.



Steve Martin plays the tightly wound Neal Page, a bundle-of-nerves advertising executive. John Candy portrays the innocent, but always skewered, Del Griffith (Director of sales, American Light and Fixture, shower curtain ring division), a shower curtain ring salesman who seems to live in a world governed by a different set of rules from those governing Neal Page’s marketing life.

The movie follows the story of Neal Page as he tries to return to his family for Thanksgiving in Chicago after being on a business trip in New York. The journey is doomed from the outset, with Del Griffith interfering by snatching the taxi cab that Page had hailed for himself. The two inevitably pair up later and begin an absurdly error-prone adventure to help Page get back to his home. Their flight from LaGuardia Airport to O’Hare is diverted to Wichita due to a blizzard in Chicago, which ends up dissipating only a few hours after touchdown in Kansas. When every mode of transport fails them, what should have been a 1 hour and 45 minute New York-to-Chicago flight turns into a three-day adventure.

Neal frequently blows up at Del, blaming him for much of their misfortunes, though mere fate is more at fault. Del in turn regards Neal as pretentious and uptight, while Del is less afraid to be himself. After much heated arguments between the two men, a bond between them forms, and Neal finally manages to overcome his self-centeredness and both men pull together to finally make their way home.

Under the assumption that Del has a wife and family of his own (he frequently mentions his wife Marie and puts a framed picture of her on his various motel nightstands), Neal is taken aback when he later pieces together things Del said to realize that Del is alone. He goes back to the station where he had left Del and sees Del sitting alone at the empty Union Station, after they finally make it back to Chicago. Del tells Neal that Marie actually passed away eight years ago and that he’s been homeless ever since. The bond between the two men strengthens further when Neal invites him into his home for the holidays.


Steve Martin as Neal Page
John Candy as Del Griffith
Laila Robins as Susan Page
Michael McKean as State Trooper
Kevin Bacon as Taxi Racer
Dylan Baker as Owen
Olivia Burnette as Marti Page
Larry Hankin as Doobie
Richard Herd as Walt
Matthew Lawrence as Little Neal Page
Edie McClurg as Car Rental Agent
Bill Erwin as Man on Plane
Ben Stein as Wichita Airport Representative
Lyman Ward as John (uncredited)
William Windom as Bryant (uncredited)

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