Opal Fruits

1986 ad for Opal Fruits. “Made to make your mouth water”.
Starburst were introduced by Mars in 1960as Opal Fruits. The four original flavours were strawberry, lemon, orange, and lime. Opal Fruits were introduced in the United States in 1976as Starburst. Though Starburst originally came in the same flavours as Opal Fruits, Cherry replaced Lime in the early 1980s; and the first variant, “Sunshine Flavours” Later renamed “Tropical Opal Fruits”, was released. In Europe, lemon and lime were combined to become “lemon and lime” and to make room for a blackcurrant flavor. The brand Opal Fruits was phased out in the UK, followed by Ireland in 1998 in order to standardize the product in a globalized marketplace, though some lament the loss of brand identity, leaving many people in the UK still referring to Starburst as Opal Fruits despite the name change. The supermarket chain ASDA revived the original Opal Fruits in the UK for a period of 12 weeks from 10th May 2008 .


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