Morphy Richards Toasters

1979 UK commercial for Morphy Richards Toasters.  ‘The one with the plug on’

Donal Morphy and Charles Richards formed the company on July 8th 1936 in St Mary Cray in Kent. In 1947, it became a public company and merged with Astral, a company in Dundee, Scotland that made spin dryers and refrigerators. In 1949, it produced its first automatic toaster which used a bi-metallic strip. In 1953, it produced its first hairdryer and claimed to have 90% of the market six years later.

By 1957, it was the UK’s leading provider of electric blankets. 40% of products were exported and overseas subsidiaries were established in Canada, Australia and South Africa. Morphy did not like the huge expansion of the company, but Richards thought it was too slow. Morphy sold his share of the company to EMI in 1960, and the company was taken over by GEC. In 1966, it became part of British Domestic Appliances (BDA), which was formed when AEI Hotpoint and EMI merged their domestic appliance division. The domestic appliance manufacture was moved to the Swinton Works at Mexborough and, in 1970, the original factory in St Mary Cray was closed. In the 1970s, BDA was the UK’s largest manufacturer of domestic appliances. BDA changed its name to Hotpoint in 1975, with small domestic appliances marketed under the Morphy Richards name.

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