Milkybar In Space

80’s commercial for Milky Bars.

Milkybar is a white chocolate confection that is produced by Nestlé and sold in Australia, New Zealand, India, Ireland, South Africa and the United Kingdom. It sold under the name Galak in Europe (except Spain, the UK and Ireland) and Brazil. Nestlé have produced white chocolate since the 1930s, and started using the brand Galak in 1967. In many European countries a version with puffed rice is also available.

Milky Bar Kid

The Milkybar Kid has been used in television advertising promoting Nestlé Milkybar in the countries where it is sold. The Milkybar Kid is a blond, spectacle-wearing young boy, usually dressed as a cowboy, whose catchphrase is “The Milkybars are on me!”. The advertisements usually take place in a Wild West setting. Both live-action and animated ads have been produced.

In the UK, Australia and New Zealand the advertisements were originally accompanied by a jingle extolling “the goodness that’s in Milky Bar”.[1] In more recent revivals of the campaign, the jingle has been revised to refer to “the good taste that’s in Milkybar”. The pronunciation of the company’s name has also changed from “nessul” to the Swiss “ness-lay”.

The Milkybar Kid made his debut in 1961,[2] and has been played by a number of actors. The first was Michael Mayne; others include John Cornelius and Simon Desborough.[3] In 2007, William Ray took over the role.[4]

As part of Comic Relief in 2005, a sketch was featured of Steve Coogan’s Alan Partridge character interviewing a fictitious former Milky Bar Kid, played by Simon Pegg.

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