Kronenbourg 1664

1986 advert for Kronenbourg 1664 beer.

Brasseries Kronenbourg is a French brewery founded in 1664 by Geronimus Hatt in Strasbourg.

Geronimus Hatt, who obtained his Master Brewer’s certificate in 1664, started up the Canon Brewery in the Place du Corbeau in Strasbourg. His son Claude (born November 1665), succeeded his father in the trade in 1683. However, the frequent flooding of the River Ill compelled in 1850 a move to the higher terrain of Cronenbourg, an area of Strasbourg

In 1922, the Hatt Brewery changed its name to Tigre Bock, the most well-known brand of the Tiger Brewery it had acquired to become the leading brewer in Alsace. Following the Second World War, “Kronenbourg” became the name of the company, and began international expansion.

Originally Kronenbourg brewed ale, but it is now known for lagers. Kronenbourg is the leading brand of beer in France, where it has a 40% market share[1]. In 1970, it was acquired by industrial group BSN (now Groupe Danone), along with the Société Européenne de Brasseries (Kanterbräu). In 1986, Kronenbourg merged with Kanterbräu.

British company Scottish and Newcastle (S&N) plc acquired it in 2000 for £1.7 billion.[2] In April, 2008, S&N’s operations were sold to Heineken and Carlsberg, the latter acquiring Kronenbourg. [3]

Its main breweries are located in Obernai and in Champigneulles, although the Champigneulles site is now up for sale. Kronenbourg 1664 is also brewed in the UK by S&N at its Berkshire and Manchester (Royal) breweries. The 1664 brewed in the UK at 5.0% ABV is weaker than that available in France at 5.5% ABV.

Unlike German beers which comply with the Reinheitsgebot, Kronenburg adds caramel for colouring.

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