Go For Broke by MB Games 1988

go_for_brokesmallGo For Broke by MB Games advert  from 1988

I got this game years ago as a child – when playing board games was a great way of passing an otherwise boring Sunday afternoon when the rain poured down outside. This was kind of a family tradition without Playstations and the like to keep you amused, no DVDs and video rental was quite expensive at that time so this was a way to get us all involved in something fun. Looking back I can’t help but feel that kids of today really miss out on this fun family time together when you fight over who gets which coloured playing piece and try to outsmart your parents. Didn’t it feel great when you beat them.

This game is still around today – although it is quite difficult to find in the shops and you will have more luck with an online search if interested. The likes of Amazon and Farscapegames.co.uk have it for around £10 new or you can pick it up second hand cheaper on eBay  It involves a very strange philosophy – You have to lose to win so if you are always best at coming last then this is definitely the game for you.


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