Charrington Beer

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Charrington United Breweries Ltd was an English brewery company founded in 1738 which merged with Bass in 1967.

The Brewery operated at the Anchor Brewery, Mile End and started in 1738 as Wastfield & Moss, becoming Charrington & Moss in 1766.

In 1872 the company established a presence at Burton on Trent , buying the Lewis Meakin brewery there and brewing at the Abbey Brewery until 1926 when it was sold.

The company was registered in July 1897 as Charrington & Co, and merged with Bass, Mitchell & Butlers in 1967 to form Bass Charrington Ltd. The Anchor Brewery ceased production in January 1975 and the brewery buildings have been demolished.

Bottling and warehousing facilities were also housed in a former distillery at Three Mills, in Bromley-by-Bow. Today, the site at Three Mills is used as offices serving a film studio complex, and the main Anchor Brewery site has been redeveloped as housing and a shopping centre.

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