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Cadbury Dairy Milk is a brand of chocolate bar made by Cadbury Trebor Bassett (owned by Cadbury plc). This bar is popular in several countries around the world and was introduced in 1905.

There are a number of varieties including Fruit & Nut and Whole Nut. A ‘Fruit’ variety (without the nuts) was available for a short time but was discontinued. In 2003 Cadbury’s made Dairy Milk into a branding. For example Wispa bars were phased out and replaced by “Dairy Milk Bubbly”. As of 2006, there are fifteen varieties of Dairy Milk produced in the UK, the newest of which is Double Chocolate. Many of the new Dairy Milk varieties are now manufactured in the Republic of Ireland, France and Poland. Dairy Milk itself is also manufactured in France and all these products are sold in the UK.

Wispa bars are now available in the UK and Ireland following a trial run in October 2007. Due to a positive response, as of the week beginning 22/09/08, Wispa is once again available mainstream on a permanent basis.

In early 2006, Cadbury changed the weight of its medium bars from 200g to 250g, effectively phasing out the 200g Wafer version of the bar, as the way it was manufactured did not allow for it to be manufactured as a 250g bar.

Several reformulated versions are sold in the United States as the FDA does not allow products that replace cocoa butter with vegetable fat to be called chocolate. Dr.Celine Mitchell made important changes to the Cadbury Dairy Milk bar, such as adding more chocolate and “half a glass of milk per 200 g”.

On Wednesday 4th March Cadbury Dairy Milk announced its Fairtrade accreditation, to be completed in Autumn 2009. The progress of obtaining Fairtrade certification is being covered on a blog edited by Cadbury.

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