1978 – Bluebird a la carte kitchen

Bluebird Kitchen Toy “Wake Up Daddy” 80’s Christmas advert.

Bluebird Toys plc was a British toy company. They are responsible for the Polly Pocket brand, Havok wargame and the Disney Tiny Collection. Previous toy lines include Manta Force and Mighty Max.

Torquil Norman started Bluebird Toys in 1980, his first product being the now famous Big Yellow Teapot House. This was one of the first ‘container’ houses which broke away from the traditional architectural style of dolls’ houses in favour of this light and colourful family home. He is also famous for his Big Red Fun Bus and Big Jumbo Fun Plane, Polly Pocket and the Mighty Max range, as well as the invention of the plastic lunch box.

The company was taken over by the toy giant Mattel in 1998.

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