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1979 advert for Aero chocolate bar.

The Aero bar was originally introduced in the North of England in 1935 by the Rowntree Mackintosh chocolate company in York, one of the first products in a new marketing-led sales initiative introduced by the company during the 1930s. Distribution was increased to the rest of the UK during the following months. Rowntree Mackintosh was acquired by Nestlé in 1988, who continued the production of the Aero brand.


Flavours and related products
There are several flavours of Aero. These include the Original Aero (which consists of milk chocolate throughout), Mint Aero (with a green bubbly mint-flavoured layer on top of a chocolate layer), Caramel Aero (with a caramel layer on top of the chocolate layer), Dark Chocolate Aero, White Aero (made of white chocolate), Latte-flavoured Aero, and Crispy Aeros (similar to Nestlé Crunch bar). Orange Aeros (orange/chocolate layered) were sold for a while, as well. Back in the 1970s there were also Strawberry flavoured bars. In 2006 a special vanilla milkshake flavoured version was released only in Japan. It consisted of a vanilla flavoured white chocolate centre and outer dark chocolate layer. Another new version released in 2006 is the Aero Vanilla Yoghurt flavour, available only in Canada. As with all other Aero bars manufactured by Nestle in Canada, it is manufactured in a peanut-free facility. In Australia there is also an Aero Temptations bar, which has the bubbly chocolate, but with a caramel topping.

When Aero changed its logo in 2005 it also released Irish Cream and Sticky Toffee flavours in the UK. Sticky Toffee Aeros were also sold in Australia for a brief time. Not long after this a new product was added to the brand called Aero Bubbles, balls of chocolate with half milk chocolate and half mint shells with bubbled chocolate inside. The slogan of Aero Bubbles is “Have you felt the bubbles melt?”. There are according to a pack of Aero Bubbles 193 calories per packet with 10.7g of fat.

In 2006, Nestle released a hot chocolate drink powder branded “Aero”.

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