1980s Ringos

ringosFounded in Stoneyburn in 1947 by the Scottish bakery owner William Alexander, the company was named after the Golden Wonder potato. The company originally had five manufacturing sites. Four sites produced crisps, two in Scotland and two in England (Widnes and Corby). The Welsh site at Crumlin produced the “Pot Noodle”. The company was owned by various parent companies including Imperial, Hansen, and was then acquired by UK-based Dalgety plc in 1987.   Its notable brands have included,”Wotsits”, “Ringos”, “Jungle Fresh” peanutsand Pot Noodle, which ceased to carry Golden Wonder branding after the brand (but not the manufacturing business itself) was sold to Unilever. In July 1995 Best Foods paid Dalgety plcabout $280 million for its Golden Wonder Pot Noodle instant hot snacks manufacturing business.

In 2006, the company was bought by Tayto.

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