1980s Remington Micro Screen

remington-logoThe origins of the “Remington” name date back to the formation of E. Remington and Sons, a firearms maker founded in 1816. E. Remington & Sons made occasional forays into products other than firearms, such as sewing machines and farm implements — but its most significant side venture was when inventor Christopher Sholes persuaded the firearms company to help him develop the typewriter with theQWERTY keyboard, which is still the standard today. In 1886, E. Remington & Sons sold the typewriter company, which became Remington Typewriter Company. This in turn merged with the Rand Kardex Corporation in 1927 to become Remington Rand. Remington Rand branched out into making adding machines, filing cabinets, punched card tabulating machines, and other office equipment to become a leading office equipment company.

The origin of Remington personal care products dates back to 1937 when Remington Rand began to branch out to electric shavers, starting with the Remington Model E.

In 1950, Remington Rand bought the pioneering Eckert-Mauchly Computer Company. In 1955, it merged with Sperry Corporation, developer of the automatic pilot, amongst other devices. The combined company became the Sperry Rand Corporation and continued to market shavers under the Remington brand. In 1979, Sperry Rand sold off a number of its divisions, including the consumer products. Victor Kiam bought the electric shaver company in a leveraged buyout.

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