1980s Anchor Cream feat Les Dawson

anchorHistorically the Anchor brand of milk products in New Zealand was owned by the New Zealand Dairy Group which merged with Kiwi Co−operative in 2001 to form the mega dairy Co−operative Fonterra. As this merger would leave New Zealand with virtually no competition in the domestic dairy sector, government legislation was required for Fonterra to be formed. One of the requirements was that Fonterra must divest its strongest domestic brand, Anchor in the New Zealand market. This did not affect the brand internationally. The brand was sold to what is currently Goodman Fielder. Between 2001 and 2005 Fonterra grew one of their smaller milk brands which was originally only available in the South Island of New Zealand, ‘Meadow Fresh Milk’ into a nationwide brand which provided good competition to the Anchor Brand of milk products. In 2005 Fonterra did a brand swap with what is now Goodman Fielder, swapping Meadow Fresh for Anchor meaning Fonterra could once again align its international and domestic dairy brands.

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