1979 Sugar Puffs

Sugar Puffs are a honey-flavoured breakfast cereal made from sugar-coated wheat sold in the United Kingdom. For many years they were made by the Quaker Oats Company but in 2006 they were sold to Big Bear t/a Honey Monster Foods, based in Leicester. The products under the Honey Monster title continue to be manufactured at the site in Southall, London.

Sugar Puffs were first launched in 1957 with Jeremy the Bear. They were invented by William Halliday Davies (1919–2009), production manager at the Quaker Oats mill in Southall, London. The Honey Monster campaign in the 1970s was very successful. Honey Monster went on to lead many campaigns including appearances withBoyzone and ex-Liverpool FC & Newcastle United footballer Kevin Keegan, with actor Roman Stefanski playing the Honey Monster, before changing to Gary Martin, in which played many roles, such as Zordrak in The Dreamstone.

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