1977 Stork Margarine featuring Bruce Forsyth

1977 Stork Margarine featuring Bruce Forsyth.

Stork is a brand of margarine spread, owned by Unilever.

Introduced into the United Kingdom and Ireland from 1920, housewives were initially suspicious of the health affects and cooking ability of margarine. As a result, it required a large amount of advertising in the 1930s to increase usage, supported by the Stork sponsored Radio Lyons featuring the band of Carroll Gibbons.

It was on with the onset of World War Two and rationing of butter that sales began to rise, in part driven by the Stork Cookery Service. During the war, a lorry carrying Stork margarine overturned on the A531 road near Heighley in Madeley, Staffordshire, resulting in people coming to try to salvage its load. Today, the location is known as Margarine Corner.

Stork was launched in South Africa in 1950, manufactured by Unilever South Africa. After rationing ended in the UK in 1954, the brand reappeared supported by the “Art of Home Cooking” promotion, with the first Stork television adverts were shown in 1955.  Stork soft was introduced in the 1970s, with entertainers Bruce Forsyth and later Leslie Crowther, fronting taste test based television adverts.

The brand today is marketed under the tagline “Trusted for 90years,” the UK Bake with Stork supporting advertising fronted by chef and television cook Phil Vickery.

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