1977 Goblin Teasmade

1977 Goblin Teasmade advert from the UK

A teasmade is a device for making tea automatically, which was once common in the United Kingdom and some of its former colonies. They generally feature an analogue alarm clock and are designed to be used at the bedside, to ensure tea is ready first thing in the morning. Although crude versions existed in Victorian times, they only became practical with the availability of electric versions in the 1930s. They reached their peak in popularity in the 1960s and 1970s, but have since declined to the extent that in the few places they are sold new, it is as a retro novelty item.

The name teasmade is an example of a genericized trademark; Goblin were the first to market their teamakers under the name teasmade, it is now commonly used to refer to any automatic teamaking appliance. Teasmade is a registered trademark for Swan.

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